Presentations and parties

In our restaurant, café bar and conference halls you can organize ceremonies (weddings, christenings, birthdays), anniversaries, parties for you, family or business partners... In each event, you will have all the necessary professional and technical assistance that you need.

We adapt all available space in the best way to your needs and the expected number of participants. Together with our staff, you can find the most effective solution for organizing spaces for your events. We will also help you choose an adequate menu, drinks and wine list. We cooperate with a large number of bands, so we can recommend a selection of music, as well as all necessary supporting content.

For companies, organizations and institutions we offer organizing seminars, congresses, presentations and meetings, with all the necessary equipment and communication infrastructure, in order to present them in the best light.

The price of renting a conference room depends on which hall you need and for how many people.
The price includes the use of internet and accompanying technical equipment.

Surrounded by the smell of lavender

Our garden and terrace are surrounded by lavender, which spreads its distinctive scent and thus contributes even more to making you feel comfortable and relaxed. In addition, it is an excellent natural way of defending against undesirable insects.

The first thing we noticed was the friendly and pleasant staff. The hotel is clean and the rooms are tidy. Breakfast was excellent. All praise.

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for all your presentations, promotions, business meetings and other business gatherings

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where you can organize parties and celebrations, but also try the specialties of our cuisine

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since the beginning of our work satisfied guests have been the only measure of the quality of our services