Catering services, i.e. preparation and delivery of hot meals, are provided for all companies that want to provide hot meals for their employees. The service can be realized in our restaurant or through free delivery to the desired address.

Payment can be made in cash, bank transfer or card at the end of the month. In this case, the companies will benefit from the legal convenience of tax exemption for this service.

Weekly offer of dishes

[ Monday, 30.01.2023. ]
Dish 1: chicken schnitzel with green beans and rice

Dish 2: pork loin in sauce with rested potatoes
[ Tuesday, 31.01.2023. ]
Dish 1: beans with Carniola sausage

Dish 2: chicken fillet with peas and carrots
[ Wednesday, 01.02.2023. ]
Dish 1: gourmet patty in a bun with coleslaw salad, yogurt

Dish 2: pepper meat with mashed potatoes
[ Thursday, 02.02.2023. ]
Dish 1: stew with pork and pods

Dish 2: chicken drumstick with risotto
[ Friday, 03.02.2023. ]
Dish 1: lasagne

Dish 2: Hungarian soup
[ Saturday, 04.02.2023. ]
Dish 1: omelette with ham and cheese, yogurt

Dish 2: ham and cheese sandwich, yogurt

Opijeni mirisom lavande

Naša bašta i terasa okruženi su lavandom, koja širi svoj prepoznatljiv miris i na taj način još više doprinosi da se osjećate prijatno i opušteno. Osim toga, ona je odličan prirodni način odbrane od nepoželjnih insekata.

The first thing we noticed was the friendly and pleasant staff. The hotel is clean and the rooms are tidy. Breakfast was excellent. All praise.

Our satisfied guest



for your stay, rest and enjoy the silence and relaxing atmosphere


for all your presentations, promotions, business meetings and other business gatherings

seats in the restaurant

where you can organize parties and celebrations, but also try the specialties of our cuisine

years with you

since the beginning of our work satisfied guests have been the only measure of the quality of our services